LaKisha’s Top Web Tools for Project-Based Learning

Hello there everyone, welcome to my site.  Are you new to the field of education?  Well, so am I.  I’ve had a blast conducting this research to help navigate the novice instructor.  Technology and education are joined at the hip, and there are some amazing web tools available as a resource to support the efforts. I hope you find this information exciting and valuable.


Benefits of Project-Based Learning

Project based learning is active learning methods.  It allows students to get hands on exposure and engaged. Gone are the days of passive learning.  Project based learning allows learners to work on a real-life projects using digital media and technology. I’ve had the privilege of conducting an internet search for the most popular web tools used for project-based learning. Enjoy the goodies I’ve found.  Now, let’s dive into the top six picks, and talk about the role these goodies can play with engaging your learners.

1.  Google Drive/Docs

Google Docs is a cloud based hard drive on the go!  The purpose is to create a virtual space for storing data and files. This online app lets students access all their documents saved in a virtual storage device that they can later access with a different computer, smartphone or a tablet PC. With this online tool, students can create, edit and view documents related to a project.  Google docs even allows teachers to leave real time feedback.  This is a great assessment tool.  Edits can be made before the assignment is officially turned in.

2.  Glogster

Glogster is an amazing site/application that allows students to create interactive digital posters, and it can play a fun role in Project Based Learning. Students are able to share text, images, sounds, graphics and videos. Students can present facts by putting carbon footprints of a country with related pictures and graphs while other students can post comments.

3.  Animoto

Animoto is the perfect marriage of excitement and learning. It combines the environment of academic learning with an element of entertainment. Animoto provides teachers and students a platform where they can upload videos, pictures and audio clips for a project.

4.  Dipity

Geography, History, social sciences, are subjects that require collaboration. Dipity is here to save the day. Student can create a timeline consisting of images, text, and so on. Dipity is a great tool that can be used for any project where they can present the dates of events regarding a subject.

5.  Mindmeister

Want valuable suggestions from teachers? Mindmeister is the choice for mind mapping solutions.  Mindmeister helps students generate and organize ideas, and it’s an effective tool for unlocking latent creative ideas. This online tool serves as a platform to exchange ideas with fellow students on project-based tasks.

6.  Fotobabble

Fotobabble is great for audio collaboration. This tool is used to record a voice-over for an image in a slideshow format. It’s great for collaborative projects telling a story of a photo or an event. In the classroom, students can start a project by analyzing a concept or a story and import audio from another source. Even more exciting, FotoBabble can be used in quizzes such as testing students’ knowledge of historical figures, or used in language classes for tests.

Lakisha’s Favorite for Adult Learners

The winner is… Google Docs. Most adult learning environments are asynchronous. Google Docs is a real time way of working on group projects. Students can actually see edits while in progress. This saves time from emailing files back and forth between learners. As a facilitator of adult learners, I will make sure students are aware of this technology, and encourage its use to improve collaborative learning efforts. After all, it was an instructor that introduced me to this technology. I will definitely pay it forward.


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